Conventional ECG

  • Requires cumbersome 10 wires leading to a big machine.
  • Sensors use cold sticky gel and these sensors stick on the chest with an unpleasant sensation.
  • Pinoty's ECG

  • We took a fresh shot at ECG.
  • All it takes is a wearable, single wire and a single gesture("Patent Pending")
  • An on demand complete 12 lead ECG at the comfort of your home.
  • Proprietary algorithm makes diagnosis of myocardial infarction(Heart attack) very easy.
  • Conventional Blood Pressure

  • Do you know what white coat hypertension is?
    Every time you see a doctor in the hospital your B.P rises without your knowledge because of anxiety. Hence, making diagnosis of high blood pressure very difficult.
  • Pinoty's Ambulatory Blood Pressure

  • At Pinoty we make use of our proprietary algorithm to measure your ambulatory blood pressure and provide you with an average B.P across 30days.
  • SPO2

    Oxygen saturation of blood.

    Galvanic Skin Sensor

    Emotional stress monitor.

    Activity Analyzer

    Correlated with other parameters using proprietary algorithm.


    Monitoring basal body temperature of an individual.