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About Pinoty

An IOT and AI based company providing wellness as a service lifelong...

Pinoty is an end to end non-intrusive preventive health care solution that uses user questionnaires to identify risk prone individuals and use innovative wearable devices to securely collect vitals assess, conclude and suggest appropriate life style modifications and monitor life long using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain life long.

It uses a unique and highly innovative personalized health care model that can capture, securely store and monitor the vitals and other data of an individual. This will evolve into a preventive health care and wellness framework that will increase longevity of its users by helping them to prevent a lot of chronic diseases. It is developed with most advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to adapt with highly variable user requirements.It also runs massive analytics to predict their future hazards.

It works as personalized health monitor or a Robot-doctor which uses the recordings of the individual users under controlled environments to build a preventive check system.


Preventive, Predictive & Personalized


12 lead ECG captured in a single gesture.

Blood Pressure

Monitoring Blood pressure based on 30 day average using proprietary algorithm.


Oxygen saturation and hemoglobin present in blood.

Galvanic Skin Sensor

Emotional stress monitor.

Step & Calorie Counter

Measures number of steps walked & calculates Calories burnt.


Monitoring basal body temperature of an individual.