Do It Yourself Portable Connected Health Care Monitor

Pinoty is the World's first gesture-based, portable, medical grade, point-of-care health monitoring device that captures core vitals to give an unprecedented insight into health parameters and risks to the user. It can be used by anyone, anywhere to capture and transmit their vitals without any medical training or assistance.

  • Can be used to identify, monitor and manage Heart and Lung diseases
  • Patented - User Friendly Gesture-Based Vitals Capture
  • Combines Medical Grade 12 Lead ECG, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Digital Stethoscope and Digital Thermometer
  • AI/ML based app platform for lifelong chronic condition management

Our Solution

Pinoty is a medical technology company committed to transforming health care by utilizing medical grade AI, IoT and Cloud technology.

We have developed a remote healthcare monitoring solution that provides users and healthcare providers data-driven, clinically meaningful and actionable intelligence for chronic disease self-management.

Our cutting-edge solution empowers clinicians worldwide to deliver expert chronic care including cardiac care faster and more efficiently.

PAMR Cardiac Care App

Pinoty offers a futuristic solution that leverages sophisticated Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning algorithms and advanced analytics which entitle users to take control of their Long-term health and manage it proactively.

  • Serial Monitoring with Doctor's Opinion, Test and Consultation Scheduling etc.
  • Real-time Health Alerts
  • Lifestyle management and community-based engagement

Powerful Features

Our Users

Who needs Pinoty Solution

Patients with CVD

People with cardio-vascular diseases(CVD) conditions need to serially monitor cardiac vitals. Pinoty enables them to monitor their vitals and get actionable feedback from experts to manage their cardiac health.

People at-risk of CVD

People suffering from lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and stress are prone to cardiovascular diseases. Pinoty data can uncover those early changes that indicate a potential CVD.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Pinoty offers enhanced capabilities to track your vitals — real-time ECG, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation Of Blood, Heart Rate Variability and other cardiac vitals necessary for cardiac health assessment.

Awards and Achievements

Pinoty Solution's potential has been recognized through many awards and achievements


Best Product Showcase at "NASSCOM Product Conclave"


"Top 25 Start-Ups all over India"


Member of "Global Entrepreneur Program"


Awarded "Top Innovative Product" at DigiGyan


Grant & Research Support


Our innovation is patented with 24 unique claims