Whether you are a health care provider or an insurance company, or a pharmaceutical company, Pinoty will empower you to deliver value-driven impact to your customers.

HealthCare Providers

The key challenges faced in cardiac care in India are low availability, accessibility, and affordability of effective and efficient treatment.Imagine a medical-grade, portable, connected, Point-of-Care (PoC) diagnostic device using artificial intelligence to interpret the results for a patient at a remote primary healthcare center, to provide real-time consultation with a specialist located at a central government facility.

We at Pinoty are empowering healthcare providers with data-backed patient interaction for accurate diagnosis and increased clinical efficacy.

HealthCare Providers
Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Most of the insurance companies are coming out with cardiac care plans to cover the patients who have family history of heart diseases.Since, Pinoty PAMR device can either be used in early diagnosis of heart abnormality or to monitor cardiac patients to avoid reoccurrence of cardiac event, Insurance companies can add Pinoty PAMR to their offering to get Enhanced Risk/Liability management through Pinoty data. By accessing streams of data, predictive analysis provided by Pinoty’s PAMR device, insurers are better positioned to understand probability of claims and general trends in cardiac diseases.

Pinoty solution will enable insurers to Optimize premiums through advanced profiling of customers based on risk analysis done by Pinoty AI/ML algorithms.

Pharma Companies

Clinical trials are the most critical phase for drug development to establish the efficacy of the drug.Fear of sensitive data getting leaked/misused and cost of trials are concerns for companies conducting clinical trials.New, innovative approaches are incorporating real-world evidence, big data and patient reported outcomes to jumpstart the process and generate evidence more quickly.

Pinoty PAMR device can be used to monitor subjects of clinical trials (for cardiac drugs) to get live vitals data and establish their cardiac performance. This portable easy-to-use device will give a detailed insight of efficacy of the drug on every individual subject with all the data recorded being secured and readily available for future reference. The overall subject(patient) experience will be improved, and safety will be enhanced

Patient Experience

The chief value of Pinoty is the clinically accurate cardiac data captured by the device' biosensors. The power of Pinoty’s robust analytics engine highlights subtle changes in cardiac data that hint at onset or reoccurrence of a potential heart disease, especially an asymptomatic condition.

Pinoty provides access to complete record of the patient’s cardiac monitoring data, including the past data, so that the healthcare provider does not exclude an important piece of information in his investigation. This will result in accurate diagnosis by data-backed patient interaction, increased clinical efficacy and Enhanced patient outcomes.

Pinoty strives to deliver patients with a higher level of personalized care by engaging with insurance companies to add this as an offering to policy, leading to reduced claims, and high productivity in personal and professional life.